Motto: «Viam supervadet vadens»


The Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design (KNUTD) Project Management Office (PMO) was set up at the end of 2015 to assist in raising the efficiency, performance, and effectiveness of all project delivery within the University. To achieve these goals, the PMO facilitates and develops the program management tools to help with business practices and strategies to further each project’s success.

PMO assists faculty and professional research staff in their efforts to secure and ensure proper stewardship of external funding. PMO is responsible for the effective and timely handling of faculty research proposals, specifically for preparing, interpreting, negotiating, and accepting agreements for projects funded by foundations, other public and private sources.


The activities  of the Project Management Office are aimed at:

  1. deploying  a proactive international project long-term cooperation with universities and other institutions around the world;
  2. supporting management decisions;
  3. increasing communication among project working groups;
  4. adding focus to KNUTD projects and objectives;
  5. improving  the strategic visions of project outcomes;
  6. sharing with other organizations as a replicable best practice;
  7. building strong partnerships that produce measurable and meaningful results.


Director of Project Management Office is your key point of contact for Grants or Contracts.

Please send us an email: [email protected] and one of our Project Administrators will assist you.


The project activities functional scheme